The British pound sterling is at 4-month high

The British pound sterling is at 4-month high

British pound sterling showed a record growth

The regular trading session showed the growth of the British pound sterling. The currency of the United Kingdom, despite the economic difficulties, beats records and conquers more and more new heights. Already, the pound has reached its maximum for the last 4 months, and its growth limit is not yet visible. The main reason for such interest from investors is a possible postponement of Brexit. Let’s talk about everything in more detail.

On which positions is the British pound sterling?

The pound sterling, despite all forecasts, is showing a steady growth.As the trading session showed, the economic difficulties in the European Union and the positive news from the United Kingdom led to a huge demand for the British currency.
During the trading session, the pound sterling consolidated at 1.3288 against the dollar. This is the maximum figure for the last 4 months. On Asian markets, the situation is somewhat worse, but demand is also high. Bidding closed at around 1.3250. As for the currency pair with the euro, here the figures are even more tangible. In particular, in relation to the euro, the national currency of the United Kingdom rose to 0.8590.
The main impetus for the growth of quotations was news about the postponement of the exit of Britain from the EU. The publication of The Telegraph writes that the United Kingdom may ask for a delay of two months. Voting for the agreement in the current format should take place on March 12. However, the probability of its adoption is low.
If the deputies do not support the agreement for the second time, Prime Minister of Great Britain Theresa May will submit a petition to the European Parliament to postpone Brexit for 60 days. The Cabinet of Ministers is sure that this will be enough to find common ground and agree on conditions that will suit everyone.
The European Union is almost guaranteed to satisfy Theresa May’s request. Moreover, the European Parliament will gladly postpone Brexit not for 2 months, but for 2 years, until 2021. The reason is that it is in 2021 that the EU budget period of 7 years expires. Representatives of the European Union are confident that this time will definitely be enough to resolve all controversial issues.

Theresa May states that 60 days is only a delay necessary to make a difficult decision. In addition, the Prime Minister of Great Britain leaves no hope that the Isle of Parliament will nevertheless agree with the current format of the agreement, and then Brexit will not have to be postponed. To date, the exit of Britain from the EU is scheduled for March 29.
The first vote for the agreement took place on January 15th. Parliament refused to accept it,it was the main loss of the British Prime Minister over the past 100 years. The main problem, due to which the deputies do not want to support the contract, is in the border with Ireland. During the stay of the United Kingdom with the EU, the trade turnover between these countries was huge, and the border was actually formal. After Brexit, it will become absolutely real, which can cause serious economic difficulties for both countries.