Korean Stock Exchange and its Indian counterpart

Korean Stock Exchange and its Indian counterpart

What are the Indian and Korean stock exchanges

The Asian region is one of the most economically developing. Therefore, it is not surprising that commodity trading is boominghere. Particularly in this respect, Indian and Korean stock exchanges are different. Let’s talk about them in more detail.
The official trading platform in India is called“the National Stock Exchange”, also known as NSE. It was designed for automated trading of various assets. The appearance of a trading platform has opened up new opportunities for the economic development of the country, which is now one of the world leaders in terms of GDP growth.
Thanks to the emergence of the NSE, Indiaformeda single stock market, which received a clear structure and was able to attract a sufficient number of investors. The marketplace conducts updatesregularly that allow making work on it even more efficient.
NSE opens its work every weekday at 9:15 local time. Work is carried out until 15:30, after which the bidding closes until the next day. The trading platform does not work on weekends, as well as on public holidays in India.
The history of NSE has been going on since 1993. The government issued a decree according to which it was necessary to form its own trading platform for working with securities. A year later, the National Exchange of India began to serve the domestic debt market. Then, in 1994, they provided the opportunity to trade stocks. In 2008, currency derivatives appeared on the NSE.

History and Korean Stock Exchange Features

The history of the Korean Stock Exchange (KRX) is particularly interesting because it has been going on since 1953, although in reality, the trading platform began to work only from 2005. It did happen at that time, whenthe three largest Korean stock exchanges merged, that actually divided the country into 3 parts. Derivatives and stocks markets were also incorporated into a single trading platform and became its divisions. Today, KRX is in the top 20 world’s exchangein terms of the number of transactions with derivatives and in terms of capitalization.
The Korean stock exchange also works only on weekdays. The trading session opens at 3:00 Moscow timehere, and closes at 10:00 Moscow time. The main index here is KOSPI. It shows the current status of the securities of companies that entered the KRX. The calculation is carried outby using the capitalized weighted prices of all the shares placed on the trading floor. Preferred securities do not participate in the calculation. KOSPI started calculating from the beginning of 1980. At the same time, they adopted the settlement base, which consists of 100 points.

On the trading floor transactions with securities and commodity futures are conducted. Korean Computer Corporation KOSCOM is one of the divisions of KRX. Its task is to calculate the value of shares and bonds by using a specialized system.
There are also certain requirements for over-the-counter trading in Korea. In particular, all participants are required to obtain membership in the Korean Association of Stock Dealers and work exclusively in the specialized electronic system KOSDAQ.